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Easter Sunday

Posted by: Maggie

Sunday was Easter, and was a very busy day!
Eleanor had not napped much on Saturday because she was out of the house celebrating her Grandpa Keegan’s birthday, so she was exhausted on Sunday. She napped most of the morning and even fell asleep on the changing table while we were getting her dressed in [...]

Grandpa Keegan’s Birthday!

Posted by: Maggie

On Saturday Josh and I got hair cuts and then we went to my dad’s house to celebrate his birthday:

Here is Eleanor with her Aunt Maria and her Grandpa:

Grandma Leila:

Uncles William and Elliott:


Posted by: Maggie

We’re finally up and running! After three months of promising everyone we know, the Keegan Gross website and blog is here! For now it is just a blog, but soon we plan to add photo galleries and whatever other fun and exciting features we can think of! I know you all have been aching for [...]