Monthly Archives: April 2008

4 Month Doctor’s Visit

Posted by: Maggie

Last week Eleanor had her four month check-up. She was 13 lbs 14 oz and 27 inches tall. That puts her at a perfect 50th percentile for her weight and 97th percentile for her height. She is still tall like her daddy, but not so skinny as she used to be, more round [...]

Baby Shower!

Posted by: Maggie

The Sunday before last my friends Erin, Megan, and I threw a baby shower for our friends Melissa and Mike. Melissa is a fellow law student and her baby is due a week after our graduation. That means she will be studying for the Bar exam with a newborn baby at home. [...]

Eleanor’s First Playdate!

Posted by: Maggie

Hey everybody Josh wrote his first post, which is good because I wasn’t there so my recollections would likely be unreliable:
On Monday, Eleanor had her very first playdate with baby colleague, Kaitlyn Ramirez. Kaitlyn is the young progeny of Christina and Greg, of the Ramirez Family fame. Christina is my co-worker at the School of [...]

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