4 Month Doctor’s Visit

Posted by: Maggie

Last week Eleanor had her four month check-up. She was 13 lbs 14 oz and 27 inches tall. That puts her at a perfect 50th percentile for her weight and 97th percentile for her height. She is still tall like her daddy, but not so skinny as she used to be, more round like her mommy. Her pediatrician said that she is doing not great, but wonderful. She even passed her tummy time test unlike at her last visit. She started rolling over a few weeks ago and now spends most of her time on her tummy. Every time we put her down on her back she flips herself onto her tummy within a few minutes.

She was very excited to be at the doctor’s. She was babbling excitedly and at full volume.

The poor girl did not realize that she was about to get a set of immunization shots.

The very nice nurse came to stick her.

She screamed and cried but just a few moments later she was back in daddy’s arms and back to her cheerful self.

Although that cheerfulness didn’t last very long. Once we arrived home she got upset and was fussy and running a fever through the next day. This is normal following immunizations, but very uncomfortable for her I’m sure, and not so pleasant for her parents either. We unfortunately had to skip a few school events we had planned to attend the next day, the Jewish Law Student Association’s model Passover Seder and the Women’s Legal Association’s end of year potluck dinner. I’m sorry we couldn’t make it, but I’m sure that Eleanor would not have enjoyed herself.

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