Eleanor’s First Big Bath

Posted by: Maggie

It has become more and more difficult to give Eleanor a bath in her infant tub. She loves to splash and thus soaks everyone and everything around her tub, which we place on top of her changing table. We also have been washing her hair in the sink so that we can keep the water out of her eyes, but she is getting so heavy and strong that she won’t hold still and we are afraid that she will bang her head on the faucet. We thought about just moving her tub into the big tub, but our bathroom is small so it is hard to reach in to wash her. So, we decided that because she can sit up on her own we could just put her in the big bath with me.

It worked perfectly. I am able to be close enough to wash her and make sure she doesn’t fall backward or forward into the water. It is also much easier to wash her hair. In her little tub she wouldn’t lean her head back to rinse her hair, but with me in the tub with her she feels comfortable enough to lean back on my legs so we can easily rinse the soap out of her hair.

Overall it was a success! More fun than her little bath and much less clean up!

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  1. amy 

    she’s so cute I can’t stand it.

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