Farewell to the Higas

Posted by: Maggie

Last weekend our friends Nat, Syndi, and their daughter Sophi hosted a farewell dinner. Nat is a fellow law student who just graduated with me. He is originally from Hawaii and is now returning with his wife and daughter. Unlike some of his fellow graduates, he has a job waiting for him. We will all miss them greatly. They have been such good friends to us over the past three years. And they have hosted many wonderful parties, but Saturday’s was exceptional.

Syndi is a chef and as a goodbye she put together an amazing six-course dinner with wine pairings for each course. The food was truly delicious and the wine was perfect! We love you Syndi and as much as we will miss you, we may just miss your cooking even more!

(from left to right: Nat, Stephen, Amy, Jonathan, Syndi, Mike, Melissa, Me, Josh, and Joseph in the front)

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