Fourth of July

Posted by: Josh

For July 4th, we wanted to see some fireworks! It’s been a while since we’ve seen a fireworks show on the fourth of July. So we packed ourselves a picnic and went to the Calabasas High School show. Eleanor was really into the band and rocked out to some sweet classic rock. She even sang along, although it may have sounded more like shouting to the untrained ear.

Rocking it out.

Daddy’s so interesting when he eats…

C’mon Mommy I can’t see the band!

Holy cow it’s fireworks! So as soon as the fireworks started we were concerned that Eleanor might not be down for such loudness, so we picked up and moved from the front of the field to the back. I covered her ears, but she really didn’t seem to mind the explosions. She drank her bottle and stared up at the fireworks, and by the time she’d finished her dinner she was totally into the show. She shouted at the sky after the finale, and seemed disappointed that it was over. The show wasn’t especially great, in spite of the advertised “10 extra minutes!”, but it was enough to give Eleanor a taste for fireworks. Happy birthday America!

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