Maggie’s Studying for the Bar

Posted by: Josh

Josh here. Maybe some of you out there are wondering why Maggie hasn’t answered your e-mails recently. Or maybe you saw her reading a foot-thick book at the Coffee Bean and said hello, and were surprised when she didn’t even look up. Or maybe you were in your car and you saw Maggie driving, and you waved and smiled, and were confused when she gave you the bird and ran you off the road into a shallow muddy ditch. Well, let me tell you a little story about a test called “Bar.”

It’s three days long, six hours a day. It covers 14 areas of the law (that’s most of them). It’s in two weeks. July 29, 30, and 31st. If you want an idea of what the Bar is like, you gotta rent the movie, “A Lawyer Walks into a Bar” and meet the guy who’s taken it 42 times.

But, despair not, things will be friendly again after that, e-mails will be returned, along with waves and hellos, and no more vehicular manslaughter, which may or may not be on the Bar, but you better know about it either way.

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