Monthly Archives: July 2008

Family Visit

Posted by: Maggie

Last weekend, Josh’s Grandmother Renee, Aunt Susan, and cousin Erin came down from Sacramento to visit us, well really to visit Eleanor. They thoroughly enjoyed her, but who wouldn’t, and it was nice to see them too.

I took a night off studying to go with them, Josh’s sister and her girlfriend Jenny to see [...]

Kaitlyn and Eleanor, Part Deux

Posted by: Josh

Josh again. Well it was bound to happen. The twin titans of babydom have once again met, and this time, it was on Eleanor’s turf. Kaitlyn Ramirez stopped by for a visit last Monday afternoon and baby town doubled in size! Kaitlyn, as you might recall, is two days older than Eleanor, so they are [...]

Eleanor is 6 Months Old!

Posted by: Josh

Josh here. Eleanor turned the big six-mo on June 7! Happy half birthday bur! At her six-mo checkup, she was 28 inches tall and weighed 17 pounds, 4 ounces. She has gained 7.5 inches and about 10 pounds since birth. As her doctor says, she is a “big girl”, but not “f-a-t”. Her height is [...]

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