Making the Bed

Posted by: Maggie

Since being at home all day I’ve become obsessed with making the bed every morning.  Well, maybe obsessed is too strong a word, but I certainly have become determined to always have a made bed.  I’ve never been one to make my bed.  I have always been in too much of a hurry in the mornings, getting to school or work, or, to be honest, sometimes I was just too lazy. I usually made the bed on a weekend and certainly would if I knew someone was coming over and may possibly look into the bedroom.  Now that I am at home all day and spend more time in the bedroom I really enjoy having a made bed.

I have always loved the look of a made bed with crisp sheets and fluffy pillows. Having that at home makes me feel like I’m in a hotel.  I’m even starting to consider ironing my sheets, because really they just are not crisp enough.  Martha does it.  And If you want to do something right…

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