Monthly Archives: September 2008

Our New Apartment

Posted by: Maggie

We pretty much hate it.  We like the extra bathroom and bigger kitchen, but since moving in we have had to have maintenance come to fix something at least once a week.  This includes: broken toilet seat, clogged kitchen sink, broken air conditioning (several times), carpet tacks sticking up from the floor, and the lights [...]


Posted by: Maggie

Immediately upon returning from taking the Bar we had to start packing.  We hadn’t planned on moving, but when our lease came up for renewal they wanted to raise our rent by almost $100 per month.  We really liked where we were living, but just couldn’t afford to stay.  So we found a place in [...]

Maggie Takes the Bar Exam

Posted by: Maggie

The Bar Exam was held July 29th, 30th and 31st. We checked into our very overpriced suite at the Century Plaza Hotel in Century City on Monday afternoon. We were there for three days so we wanted to have plenty of room for Eleanor to crawl around. The room was huge, almost as big as [...]

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