Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Posted by: Josh

Well it was bound to happen. We probably should have been prepared. All the signs were there – the wild mood swings, the growling. The maniacal grinning, the nibbling on naked toes. But we ignored the signs, and now we’ve paid the ultimate price. Tonight, Eleanor mauled us to death.

It was horrible. But everything leading [...]

Happy Birthday Auntie MoMo!

Posted by: Maggie

My sister Maria turned 30 on Tuesday! We celebrated with a party at our mom’s on Saturday.  Eleanor enjoyed the festivities, especially the lights and the sangria.

Flu Shots

Posted by: Maggie

We all got our flu shots on Monday. As we stood in line we heard a little boy inside screaming and crying. I was a little concerned that the crying would scare Eleanor and that she might have a similar reaction to her shot. But my little one was much tougher than that kid. She [...]

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