Happy Halloween!

Posted by: Josh

Well it was bound to happen. We probably should have been prepared. All the signs were there – the wild mood swings, the growling. The maniacal grinning, the nibbling on naked toes. But we ignored the signs, and now we’ve paid the ultimate price. Tonight, Eleanor mauled us to death.

It was horrible. But everything leading up to it was tons of Halloween fun! Maggie’s nuts about Halloween and decked out the place for the season. She even painted her own little ghost pumpkins to haunt the living room.

We all had a great time carving pumpkins, but Eleanor was especially into it. She liked her pumpkin so much she tried to eat it.

We did a Sleeping Beauty pumpkin theme this year, featuring Maleficent, the baddest of the Disney villains.

Maleficent, the Three Fairy Godmothers, and Maleficent in ass-kicking dragon form.

Happy Halloween!


  1. Kristy 

    Wow! I am impressed! Great job guys. Totally kicks my witch in the booty…except my witch crumpled due to the heat. Cute Halloween family photo too!

  2. Christina 

    You guys look awesome! That lion is way too cute. I’m way impressed by the pumpkin carving!

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