Monthly Archives: October 2008

I wish…

Posted by: Maggie

we could have a photographer with us every day.  (You are the best Amy!) Or at least a better camera would be nice.

Sleep Training

Posted by: Maggie

I know it is a terrible habit, but I’ve been nursing Eleanor to sleep since she was born. She would fall asleep in my lap and then I would pick her up and put her down in her crib. It worked perfectly, except at nap time. At nap time she never seemed to stay asleep [...]

Learning Cause and Effect (and when Mommy will do what I want her to do)

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor: (standing at the coffee table knocks her Dog book onto the ground, points to Mommy then to the book) Eh?
Mommy:  Do you want me to pick that up for you? (Gets up from the couch, picks up the book and puts it back on the table)
Eleanor: (waits until Mommy sits back down, knocks the [...]

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