Monthly Archives: October 2008


Posted by: Maggie

I realize that I have never posted about Eleanor’s new teeth. She got her first on the last day of my bar exam. It was her bottom right central incisor. The next, her bottom left central incisor, came in a few days later. You can see these two on display in our current header. The [...]

First Steps!

Posted by: Maggie

Now she’s really going to be trouble. Eleanor took her first unassisted steps on Saturday. She stepped two steps from the nightstand to the bed, twice. I missed it the first time and didn’t believe Josh when he told me, but then she did it again. I kinda thought it was a fluke and wouldn’t [...]

Prop 8 Update!

Posted by: Maggie

I just received an email from the President of the University sent to the entire Pepperdine community.  Here is an excerpt:
“The Yes on 8 Campaign is using the Pepperdine name in a manner in which we do not approve.  We asked the campaign to separate more clearly their partisan cause from our University’s name, but [...]

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