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Prop 8

Posted by: Maggie

I had not planned on getting political on our blog, but this one is really important.
Proposition 8 is the ballot initiative to amend the California constitution to eliminate the recently recognized right for same-sex couples to marry. Those of you who live in California may have noticed the Yes on Prop 8 ads that have [...]

Fro Yo Sunday!

Posted by: Maggie

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon with our friends Andrew and Amy.  Love them!  We got some yummy fro yo at Menchie’s while discussing scary movies, fall, and high school reunions. Eleanor unfortunately could not partake because she has a dairy allergy (she breaks out in hives and gets terrible diaper rash), but she did [...]

Ask and You Shall Receive

Posted by: Maggie

So it turns out The Secret really works!  Last week I wrote a post about wanting to read a particular book.  And exactly one week later it arrives at my door, along with a bonus book. I can’t wait to read them!

Plus two more bonus books for Eleanor.

Thank you so much Lauren!  When we are [...]

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