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More Dancing Eleanor

Posted by: Maggie

By special request from her Aunt Maria, here is Eleanor enjoying the X-Files theme song (this was shot a few days before Halloween, thus the festive attire and pumpkins in the background):

In case you are outraged that we would let our baby watch a show that is generally inappropriate for babies and small children, I’ll [...]

The Edmund Hillary of Babies

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor has learned how to climb on just about everything in the house. I now spend my days running to her side to prevent her from falling, breaking something, and incurring costly hospital bills.
No babies were harmed in the making of these videos:

If Mount Everest is not in her future, she may have a [...]

Sesame Street

Posted by: Maggie

Since everyone else is posting about Sesame Street today, I thought we’d jump on the bandwagon.
As I said in my last post, Eleanor looooves the theme song. Here she is, dancing away to it while trying not to be distracted by me pointing the camera at her:

Here is one of Josh and Eleanor’s favorite guest [...]

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