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Eleanor’s Birthday Celebrations Part Three: The Party!

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor’s first birthday party was on her birthday last Sunday. It was Winter Onederland themed, since Eleanor is a winter baby and I love the holidays. My Dad and Step-Mom hosted it at their home, my Mom and I took care of the decorations, and Josh and I did the food and drinks except for [...]

Eleanor’s Birthday Celebrations Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

I’ve begun studying for the Bar exam so I apologize for not staying on top of posting, but don’t worry pictures of the birthday party are coming. In the meantime here is a shortened version (6 minutes from 11) of the slideshow that we showed at Eleanor’s birthday party.  The song playing with the slideshow [...]

Eleanor’s Birthday Celebrations Part One

Posted by: Maggie

Their mother must have raised them right because the first card and gift we received for Eleanor’s first birthday were from our good friends and favorite brother & sister team, Brian and Lauren. And it’s not like they sent them together. Brian lives in Philadelphia and Lauren in New York. The card from Lauren arrived on Wednesday [...]

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