Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Posted by: Maggie

Happy Chinese New Year!

I meant to post my resolutions on the regular New Year, but didn’t get around to it so here are my resolutions for Chinese New Year:

  • Take the Bar and Pass this time
  • Lose the rest of the weight I’ve been trying to lose. I’ve lost about 25 lbs since Eleanor was born (35 if you count giving birth) and I’d like to lose at least another 15 lbs
  • Get out of credit card debt
  • Buy a better camera (this may conflict with the previous resolution)
  • Take photography up again (it was a pretty serious hobby of mine in high school, I actually was seriously considering art school and wanted to be a fashion photographer for awhile, but my plans changed at some point, I couldn’t really afford it as a hobby anymore back in undergrad, and I never switched my skills from film to digital so all I have now is a digital point-and-shoot camera and not a nice digital SLR like I want, my 17 year old self would be very disappointed in me.)
  • Get a job (this will make most of the others possible)
  • Have a night out with friends at least once a month (after I’m done studying for the Bar).

Wish me luck (or maybe just better will power)!

Oh, and check out the pics from regular New Year’s Eve with The Schuberts here. We had so much fun watching When Harry Met Sally and The Little Mermaid (Andrew’s choice). Love those guys!

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  1. Happy Chinese New Year Maggie! Even with your crappy digital camera, you guys are still taking beautiful pictures. Hope you are doing well. Give my love to Josh and Eleanor.

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