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One Week Left

Posted by: Maggie

The Bar Exam is next Tuesday, February 24th through Thursday, February 26th.  Please see Josh’s post from last time I was studying for the Bar.
Wish me luck!

Happy Birthday Maggie!

Posted by: Josh

Okay so I know I don’t do a whole LOT of posting around here (roughly 2%), but this one is important.
It’s Maggie’s birthday today! Wooooo!
So happy birthday Mama, from your loving “partner” and dependent. We love you more than ice cream.
Or at least as much as ice cream.
Or at least as much as most flavors [...]

Our 100th Post:
A Header Photo Shoot

Posted by: Maggie

These are for you Megan!

Doesn’t she look like such a big girl with her hair up?! I just realized this week that her hair is more than long enough to put up in pigtails or a half pony tail. Too bad she tends to pull the hairbands out pretty quickly unless you can distract her. [...]