Daredevil Eleanor

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor is a little daredevil baby. She loves to be thrown into the air, to ride on Daddy’s shoulders while he runs around the house, and to climb onto the highest pieces of furniture (her new favorite is the top of the toilet tank, we are keeping the bathrooms closed and locked from now on). Her new favorite game is “jump off the coffee table and see if Daddy is fast enough to catch me.”

This game freaks me out. I picture broken bones and emergency room visits. But neither Josh nor I actually believed that she would jump without one of us being there in front of her to catch her, until she did the other day. She was fine, but surprised. I don’t think she’ll be jumping without a catcher again any time soon.


  1. Christina 

    Oh man… I feel you guys. The climbing and the lack of awareness that if you walk/jump off the edge will bring painful consequences is killing me. We don’t have a coffee table, but we have a big ol’ couch that K thinks she can stand up on backwards and fall straight back and dad will always be there to catch her. Maybe we’ll see you in the ER one of these days.

  2. I cannot believe how big she is and how well she is walking. Amy does the same thing for me when I jump off the coffee table, always there to catch me.
    Playdate soon for sure.

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