Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Petless Petting Zoo

Posted by: Maggie

We spent Sunday afternoon with Grandpa Gross and Raisa. We had planned to go to Hart Park in Santa Clarita to see the petting zoo, but unfortunately the animal area was under construction and the animals were being kept elsewhere. So we just let Eleanor run around on the grass until she was exhausted. I [...]

Daredevil Eleanor

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor is a little daredevil baby. She loves to be thrown into the air, to ride on Daddy’s shoulders while he runs around the house, and to climb onto the highest pieces of furniture (her new favorite is the top of the toilet tank, we are keeping the bathrooms closed and locked from now on). [...]

Saturday Morning at The Getty

Posted by: Maggie

Now that I’m not studying anymore we are trying to do something fun and free every weekend. Last Saturday we went to the Getty museum which is almost free, free admission but ten dollar parking. They had a photography exhibit I wanted to see. It included portraits from some of my favorite photographers, Diane Arbus, [...]

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