Monthly Archives: March 2009

How We Spent Our St. Paddy’s Day

Posted by: Maggie

As it turns out, there was no alcohol in the house, so Eleanor and I had to go out and at least have something green to drink. We got my favorite, a Green Tea Ice Blended from the Coffee Bean and Eleanor got to run around the fountain out front, try to drink the water, [...]

Erin Go Braugh!

Posted by: Maggie

Happy St. Paddy’s Day!  Don’t forget to Irish up your coffee this morning! You know Eleanor and I will be celebrating our Irish heritage through the rich tradition of drink and brawl. It’s okay for a baby to have a drink now and then, right? I mean she is already a year old, and she [...]

Visiting Go Go

Posted by: Maggie

Now that I don’t have to study anymore, my mom (Eleanor calls her Go Go) isn’t over as often, so we decided to go to visit her last week. Eleanor got to check out the plants in her garden and look for fish in the pond.

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