Monthly Archives: April 2009

This Baby Won’t Stop Eating Sand!

Posted by: Maggie

She is making me crazy! I hate taking her to the park and have stopped doing it, because every time we go I spend half our time trying to keep her from eating the sand. It’s not just a taste. It’s mouthful after mouthful. And when I don’t try to stop her it’s even worse.

It [...]

Happy Birthday Josh!

Posted by: Maggie

Today is my husband’s birthday. Happy birthday baby! I love you more than all of the ice cream in the world, well except maybe for that cinnamon ice cream we had at that restaurant in Marina del Rey like four years ago. Okay, okay, even more than the cinnamon ice cream, but that was really, [...]

Your Baby Doesn’t Love You

Posted by: Josh

Having babies is just one of those things that is impossible to understand until you actually do it. The pop culture sure convinces you that you’ve got the general idea, with this deception rounded out by that baby you know and hang out with like, ALL the time (once every couple months). But when you’re [...]

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