Poop Stories: Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

Before I begin I’ll refer you to Monday’s Warning.

I didn’t write a post about this when it happened because I was studying for the bar (the first time). Friday’s shower incident reminded me of it so I thought I’d share it now, because it is an even better poop story.

Eleanor had just started taking her baths in the big tub. I joined her in the tub so that she felt comfortable and didn’t fall over. We were just about to get out when I noticed that the water was looking a little murky. It took me a moment to process what had just happened. Eleanor had pooped in the tub that I was sitting in!

I stood up and handed her off to Josh so that I could drain the tub and wash myself off before taking care of her. But, unfortunately, she wasn’t done.

Let me digress a moment so that you can all get a more complete picture of exactly what was happening to us. At the time, she was still about eighty percent breastfed and twenty percent pureed veggies, so imagine the consistency of her poop. It was not like Friday where I could just pick up a nice mostly solid piece of poop out of the shower. This was more like watery toothpaste. Great for the tub, since it could wash down the drain. But as Josh held her at arm’s length over the bathmat, things only got worse.

I yelled for him to lift her over the toilet, but in transit, poop hit the floor, the bathmat, and the toilet seat. I think it was the most we had ever seen her poop, and it was everywhere! I suspect that she had purposefully saved it up for just this opportunity. But, now that I have posted it on the internet for posterity, I will have my revenge when she is a teenager and her friends find our blog archives.

Parenthood is the best!

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  1. Kristy 

    Eww! Eleanor! And I thought having 1 large dog and two cats was bad…

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