This Baby Won’t Stop Eating Sand!

Posted by: Maggie

She is making me crazy! I hate taking her to the park and have stopped doing it, because every time we go I spend half our time trying to keep her from eating the sand. It’s not just a taste. It’s mouthful after mouthful. And when I don’t try to stop her it’s even worse.

It can’t be good for her with all the kid germs and foot germs and god-knows-what germs. I’m also pretty sure it makes her constipated, and when it does come out it’s not so gentle on her poor little bottom.

And then there’s the moms with the, “what is wrong with that baby?,” and “why can’t that woman keep sand out of her baby’s mouth?” looks. I’m not imagining it, I see the looks and I can tell what they’re thinking.

Maybe some sort of muzzle device. Do they make those for babies? They should. It could also help with the biters.

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