Monthly Archives: May 2009

Memorial Day Barbeque at the HoodLims

Posted by: Maggie

For memorial day we headed out to Ventura for a barbeque at our friends Kristy and Andrew’s place. Kristy and I went to UCLA together for undergrad. We were both History majors and Women’s Studies minors. So, you know, we obviously had to be friends. Shockingly enough, although we have kept in touch by email, [...]

Beach Baby

Posted by: Maggie

We took Eleanor to the beach for the first time over Memorial Day weekend. We were concerned that it would be crowded, but I guess we got there early enough because there were only a handful of people when we got there. By the time we left, however, the masses had begun to arrive.

Guess what [...]

Not On My Side of the Bed!

Posted by: Maggie

After dinner every night Eleanor gets a bath. She really needs it, what with the food she rubs into her hair and the milk she pours down her back. After the bath Josh brings her into our bedroom where we have a towel laid out on the bed to set her on while we dry [...]

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