Josh’s Birthday Part Two: Eleanor’s Swim Lesson

Posted by: Maggie

Fortunately for us Josh’s birthday fell on one of Eleanor’s swim lesson days, so he was finally able to see Eleanor in action and get some pictures. Our class is in the evening, but not late enough for Josh to make it home from work in time to join us.

Eleanor has been enjoying her swim lessons, especially getting to see all of the other babies, but she is a little wary of the water.  She really seems to like being in the water and gets this fantastic excited look on her face when I tell her that we are going swimming. Once we’re in she seems happy, but mostly clings to me and will kick a little when I tell her to, but that is pretty much her limit.

We start class by blowing bubbles in the water. Eleanor thinks it is hilarious, but refuses to do it herself. Although she does it in the bath every night, she will not do it in the pool.

After bubbles we move on to kicking while on their bellies. Eleanor mostly cooperates, and likes to say “kick, kick, kick” as she kicks.

Her least favorite part of the lesson is kicking on her back. She will not do it. She usually reaches up and twines her fingers in my hair and then, as you will see below, crosses her legs and sticks them straight up in the air.

She does enjoy the “save yourself” part of the lesson, where the babies hang on to the wall and we try to teach them how to climb out on their own. She does a pretty decent job of this although it has been a little cool out in the evenings so she gets cold and doesn’t want to get out of the water anymore after one or two attempts.

So far, I don’t think she’s going to be a Dara Torres, but at least she’s having fun. I’ve been a little surprised that she has been so hesitant in the water. She is usually such a daredevil that I expected her to jump right into it. Oh well, it’s not her thing now, but I’m sure she’ll grow more comfortable over time. Or maybe she’ll become one of those weirdos who never learned to swim and lives in constant fear of drowning in the bathtub, but probably the former.

Tomorrow: Josh’s birthday finale, a delicious birthday dinner that I didn’t have to cook!

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  1. Kristy 

    Look at those long legs! Eleanor is going to be a supermodel!

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