Memorial Day Barbeque at the HoodLims

Posted by: Maggie

For memorial day we headed out to Ventura for a barbeque at our friends Kristy and Andrew’s place. Kristy and I went to UCLA together for undergrad. We were both History majors and Women’s Studies minors. So, you know, we obviously had to be friends. Shockingly enough, although we have kept in touch by email, we haven’t seen each other since graduation. Here we are:

(The purple sashes were for Women’s Studies. Oh, and the yellow cord on my shoulder, magna cum laude, in case you were wondering.)

We were thrilled to finally get to see the house we had been reading about. We’ve been following their home purchasing, remodeling, and gardening adventures on their blog for the last year, but we had yet to see it. So we started with a house tour. I’m crazy about the bay windows with the hardwood floors, gorgeous!

I also love the dining room walls, chair rails with picture frame moulding, beautiful! I want the exact same thing in my dining room. Looove it!

After our tour of the house we checked out the backyard. A real backyard with fruit trees and a compost bin and a garden. We are definitely jealous. Kristy even pulled some fresh carrots right out of the ground for Eleanor to try. They came from here:

Josh modeled them for us:

After washing off the soil Eleanor gave one a try, and approved. Yum!

Then we got to enjoy some delicious food ourselves and there was tons of it.

Andrew manned the enormous grill. I couldn’t believe how big it was. They said that it could feed 200. I believe it.

When Eleanor wasn’t running wild in the yard or trying to eat ice out of the coolers she sat for some food for about a minute.

After lunch Kristy and Eleanor got friendly.

Don’t they look cute together with the matching dimples.

Kristy and Andrew look pretty cute together too.

Especially with all that cookie in Andrew’s mouth.

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  1. Kristy 

    These pictures are so cute! It was great hanging out with the Keegan Gross family. Andrew says that Eleanor is the cutest baby he has ever seen! He also says, “If you have any extra Eleanors laying around, we’ll take one.” Haha. Plus, she has a great personality. Good job Mommy and Daddy! Hope to see you guys again soon!

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