Not On My Side of the Bed!

Posted by: Maggie

After dinner every night Eleanor gets a bath. She really needs it, what with the food she rubs into her hair and the milk she pours down her back. After the bath Josh brings her into our bedroom where we have a towel laid out on the bed to set her on while we dry her off and put a diaper and her pajamas on. As soon as Josh sets her down on the bed, she darts off of the towel, still damp and naked, and climbs under the covers on my side of the bed.

Always my side of the bed. I don’t even know if she knows it’s my side. She’s never really seen me sleeping, aside from the couple of times we’ve brought her to bed in the middle of the night. Maybe she just has the same preference for that side that I do.

We try to get her out right away and get a diaper on her, but she is pretty adamant about being naked under the covers, lying down, with her wet hair on my pillow.

She eventually comes out, without incident.

I know, you all thought this was going to be another one of those stories, but it turns out that I just didn’t have a post for today and it was my bedtime and this was the best story I could come up with at 10:30pm on a Tuesday after a long day and busy three-day weekend.

Sorry to disappoint.

But don’t you think that her plan is to leave a little present for me under the covers to discover when I get to bed? That sounds like something she’d do, right?

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  1. when you say “leave a little present” do you mean like a mouse would leave a little gift of poo? Because that is gross and does not sound fun. But it might sound like something that she would do…..hmmmmm

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