Monthly Archives: May 2009

Eleanor’s Favorite Books

Posted by: Maggie

In my recent post about Eleanor’s favorite things, I realize that I failed to include her favorite books. She is quite the miniature bookworm. She brings her daddy and me books to read to her all day long. The majority of the time she would rather read a book than do most anything else. She [...]

I Choo Choo Choose You!

Posted by: Maggie

National Train Day got us into the mood for trains. So, we decided to go to see the trains at Griffith Park last Sunday. There are two train rides in the park. One is the Southern Railroad, next to the pony rides. The other is in the Travel Town Museum on the other side of [...]

Whoo Hoo! Date Night!
No Babies Allowed!

Posted by: Maggie

My mother, the best mommy there ever was, gave me two amazing gifts for passing the Bar Exam. The first was a brand new DSLR camera, and an even better one than the one I was planning to buy for myself someday. I am now the very proud owner of a Canon EOS Digital Rebel [...]

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