Another Poop Story

Posted by: Maggie

Because I know you can’t get enough of them.

I’ll once again refer you to my poop story warning.

Yesterday afternoon while Eleanor was napping I got all fancied up for my swearing in ceremony (post to come). When I was done I went to wake Eleanor from her nap to get her ready to go as well. What I found when I walked in the room was the last thing I expected.

It was dark in the room because the blinds were closed, so it took a moment for my eyes to adjust and take in the horrifying scene. There she was already awake and standing at one side of her crib. With her were some stuffed animals she had pulled into the crib from the dresser and side table on either sides of her crib. I noticed them first, her Curious George and her crocodile. But as I walked closer I noticed that she had no pants on. Then I realized that she also had no diaper on.  And then I saw it. It was a nice big piece of poop in the middle of a giant wet spot in the center of her bed.

She had done the unthinkable. Removed her pants and diaper and then peed and pooped right in her bed. GOOD LORD, it was shocking sight! I couldn’t believe what I was looking at! I did my very best to stay calm and not yell out, “Not It!” and run from the room. At least she hadn’t touched the poop. And luckily Josh had just arrived home from work to get ready for the swearing in ceremony. I yelled for him to help me, so he handled the poop while I cleaned up the baby. She actually wasn’t much of a mess. She had a little poop on one of her feet and obviously some on her bottom, but the rest of her was pretty clean. Although the poop was a little difficult to get off of her because it had dried out a little. It must have been there awhile. We assume that she had removed the pants and diaper before falling asleep for her nap and then peed and pooped while sleeping.

Yikes! This really is my favorite part of parenthood! No really, I mean it! I love having poop stories to tell at dinners with our childless friends! Now that I think about it, maybe this is why I have so many childless friends.


  1. Christina 

    I appreciate your poop stories, Maggie! Kaitlyn undresses herself in her crib, too. We have been fortunate enough to not have a crib poop story. I know I just jinxed myself.

  2. amy 

    and THAT is why you need an apt w/ a washer and dryer in the unit

  3. yep, this is EXACTLY what I was talking about Amy! I’m so glad that Eleanor has proven me right once again!

  4. Kristy 

    I thought EVERYONE knew not to sh– where you sleep!!! Well, I guess Eleanor will learn her lesson quickly, because I bet it couldn’t have been fun to be in a crib near that for however long it was…EWWW.

  5. Poop story in crib… that is us this morning. I thought of you guys first thing. Happy Sunday. Ugh. So gross.

  6. Erin Carlstrom 

    Just a suggestion Mags- My cousin Ashley has discovered that putting her daughter down for a nap in jammies turned backwards means Houdini-baby can’t get them off to pull off her diaper and fingerpaint.

  7. Good for you for keeping your promise.

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