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La La La

Posted by: Maggie

Eleanor has some favorite songs that she likes to sing along to. Here’s a small sampling of her singing skills:

For those of you who can’t understand a word she’s singing:
Happy Birthday: “Happy Birthday, Birthday”
Rock-a-bye Baby : “Rock-a-baby tree top”
Elmo’s World Theme Song: “La La La, Elmo’s World”
Sesame Street Theme Song: “Come and play”

Trouble at the Park

Posted by: Maggie

Trips to the park generally go the same way. There are a group of kids with various caregivers following them around on the equipment or sitting with them in the sand. A lot of the kids bring toys, usually sand toys, buckets and shovels. Eleanor walks in and is more interested in the kids than [...]

Eleanor’s First Story Time

Posted by: Maggie

I took Eleanor to story time at our local Barnes & Noble yesterday. I was very concerned about how she would do. I expected there to be a lot of older kids who knew how to sit still and listen to a story. I expected her to be so excited about the other kids that [...]

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