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Back on the Sauce

Posted by: Maggie

About two months ago we quit coffee. We did it for a few reasons. For one, I’ve been trying to lose some weight and I wanted to cut out the extra calories from the cream I put in it. Although I love hot coffee black, especially with dessert, for some reason I only want to [...]

An Unexpected Visit
(And I Don’t Mean My Aunt Flo)

Posted by: Maggie

Josh got off work early on Friday, so around four-thirty we were sitting around with Eleanor trying to decide what to do with our extra time together. We had just decided on grocery shopping so we wouldn’t have to do it on Sunday (we are such an exciting family) when our dear friend Andrew called [...]

Weird Stuff Eleanor Does

Posted by: Maggie

Pretends anything is a phone, “Hello?” piece of paper, can of beans, rubber duckie
Wears my underwear around her neck like a necklace
Attempts to wear Josh’s boxer briefs as pants (several pairs at a time)
Answers her own questions, for example when we are shopping and she is riding in the cart and wants to get down [...]

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