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Moving: Part Six
We Have Such Great Luck With Apartments

Posted by: Maggie

The new apartment is generally nice. I really like the floor plan, the kitchen is much bigger than we’ve had before, the patio is a little bigger than our previous patios, the master bedroom closet is a walk-in, there is a large built-in desk in the hallway, and although there is only one bathroom it [...]

Moving: Part Five or
So Glad We Got the Hell Out Of There!

Posted by: Maggie

To start this story I should explain how much we hated the apartment we were moving out of.
There were constant maintenance problems starting when we moved in until the day we moved out. There was the never ending state of construction that the complex was in, which included noise all day long because their construction [...]

Moving: Part Four

Posted by: Maggie

Sorry for the delay in posting, we moved into the new apartment last weekend and had trouble with the internet all week. The cable guy came on the day we moved in to hook it up and it worked for about two hours. Then it suddenly went out and they didn’t come back to fix [...]

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