Moving: Part Six
We Have Such Great Luck With Apartments

Posted by: Maggie

The new apartment is generally nice. I really like the floor plan, the kitchen is much bigger than we’ve had before, the patio is a little bigger than our previous patios, the master bedroom closet is a walk-in, there is a large built-in desk in the hallway, and although there is only one bathroom it is a large bathroom. There are some drawbacks though. Because of the desk there is very little linen closet space, which has created a huge pile of towels taking up the bathroom counter space. The kitchen cabinets don’t reach the ceiling so we have a little less cabinet space than we did, which causes a problem with my huge collection of stemware. And the bedrooms and living room are a little small for our furniture.

I’ll try to get a full set of pictures and post them next week.  Here is a little sneak preview:

Although we like the place there are of course some serious issues, because if there weren’t, it just wouldn’t be our apartment, right?

It seems that every single appliance in the place is on its death bed. The fridge is leaking water on the floor and inside, it pools on all the shelves. The dishwasher trays are disintegrating so each load is covered in pieces of white plastic and I think it may be a hard water issue but there is always white film on half of the dishes. The stove is fine, but the air conditioner vent is positioned in such a way that no matter how it is adjusted it blows on the range so I have to turn the air off to cook, which is wonderful in the 100 degree weather we are having. Best of all the dryer gets stuck in the on position so items dry endlessly until I remember to stop them. And even when it doesn’t stick and the cycle is normal it burns our clothes. There are singe marks on a quarter of the clothes I washed over the weekend.

We’ve reported all of the above and so much more to management and have had only two small issues taken care of so far. They are apparently flooded with work right now because the management tells me they had 20 new tenants move in this month and I guess they don’t fix things before new tenants move in! Really great luck for us!

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  1. Jenny Gross 

    Ahhhh, apartments. Aren’t they just the greatest? Management, maintenance, tenants/neighbors, noise, …..don’t you just love it all? We’re right there with you guys. I think I touched on the issues here with you before…but in the last 2 months since we moved here, here is a list of our issues we’ve had. (right now its just all funny to me, and I expect them to keep happening). 1. Refrigerator was replaced due to leaks, carpeting had to be stretched and cut, 2. dishwasher was completely replaced due to a water pocket that leaked whenever it ran, (down to the downstairs neighbors’ kitchen), 3. a vanity drawer was broken, 4. toilet wouldn’t stop running unless it was turned off (a major part of the tank was replaced), 5. the shower head has required maintenance on 2 occasions and our downstairs neighbor complains about a high pitch sound coming from the pipes when we shower (just lovely), 6. we had a HUGE toliet flood on the 4th of July that required 2 plummers and a carpet cleaner, who had to suction and shampoo the carpet that the flood penetrated LOL… took 2 hours for them to even arrive, and in the process I ruined half our towels to contain the situation only cause the manager promised reimbursement. To make matters worse, I had to put up a fight just to get that reimbursement, cause after the fact she said there was nothing they could do. I assured her there was, because that was what she promised. My towels, shower curtain, and toilet seat cover had all been ruined by their faulty toilet and pipes. She tried to tell me that the non-english speaking plummer told her it was a paper jam and that it was our fault. My tone turned pretty serious, and she proceeded to call her regional manager. She then agreed to provide reimbursement. Along with these, the water at this apartment gets turned off regularly for emergency plumming issues all over the building. Very inconvenient. LOL…..just thought I’d share. You guys are not alone and p.s. I think I have a toilet curse. Our last 2 apartments have had toilet issues. How fun.

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