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Moving: Part Three

Posted by: Maggie

Just like she did last year, Eleanor has been helping us pack up the apartment.

Mostly I’ve been sitting her on top of the boxes to hold down the flaps while I tape them closed. And then she climbs down and tries to claw the tape back off. She’s such a good helper!

Moving: Part Two

Posted by: Maggie

In the process of packing, out of the back of Eleanor’s closet came the swing that she used to take most of her naps in when she was just a few months old. It was the only thing that could put her to sleep outside of our arms. When she was about eight months old [...]

Moving: Part One

Posted by: Maggie

One of my tasks to make our move a little easier has been to clear out all the unnecessary paperwork from our little filing cabinet. For years I’ve kept every paper that had a social security number, driver’s license number, or credit card account number on it, just because we didn’t own a paper shredder [...]

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