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New Hair Again

Posted by: Maggie

Is it weird that I feel the need to let everyone know every time we get our hair cut? Probably, right?

But how can I resist the cute Eleanor and Stacy pics? Thanks Stacy!
Here are our before and afters:

We have been so busy lately that it had been quite a while since we had been to [...]

4th of July 2009

Posted by: Maggie

We spent this 4th of July with the extended family.

Eleanor loves it when we spend time with the family. She gets to hang out with her second-cousins and eat food we would never let her eat at home, like potato chips and cake. We’re terribly cruel parents.

The 4th of July is also my first-cousin-once-removed’s birthday.

Eleanor [...]

Introducing Making Me Cranky!

Posted by: Maggie

When we created this site a little over a year ago, we named it because we couldn’t imagine that people we didn’t know in real life would want to read our blog. But over time our traffic has grown and we’ve grown a little bored with the name and design. So we decided that [...]

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