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Five and Counting

Posted by: Josh

Don’t be alarmed, but this is Josh.
Here’s what I got Maggie for our 5 year anniversary today, in lieu of anything of actual monetary value:
5 Years.
Maybe in five more years I’ll buy her a pony.

Five Years Ago: The Wedding

Posted by: Maggie

In honor of our fifth wedding anniversary today, here is an extra special bonus Friday post.
I’m still working on a retrospective slideshow to be posted in the near future, but for now here is our wedding:

Fabulous Friday:
I Heart Headbands!

Posted by: Maggie

For my second new feature on Making Me Cranky, I will be writing about something that I love. Whether it be a product, a small business, my newest hairstyle, or the latest dance craze, as long as it is fabulous and I love it you’ll find it here on Friday! Please feel free to email [...]

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