Daycare Strikes Again!

Posted by: Maggie

Yup, here we are just four weeks into daycare and sick again. Oh and this time, it’s sooooo much better because it’s not just Eleanor that’s sick it’s all of us! Which is really just the best thing ever. I just loooove to be sick while still having to chase a toddler around, who despite being sick still seems to have more energy than I can muster on my best days. We are really just having so much fun here.

Eleanor and Josh started feeling sick last week. We thought it was just Eleanor’s new teeth bothering her, but now that I think about it. Her night wakings and crankiness started just before Josh’s sore throat and fatigue began. So I think that she got sick first and then Josh did. It started with the sore throat and fatigue early last week and then turned into full blown colds with coughs and runny noses over the weekend.

I thought that I had managed to avoid it. I guess I have a pretty strong immune system because I rarely get sick. I attribute it to my fourteen years of vegetarianism. But no such luck this time. The fatigue set in on Sunday morning, and then came the sore throat towards the evening. This morning I woke up with the stuffy nose and a throat that feels like I swallowed some sandpaper. Not so pleasant.

Eleanor and Josh are still rocking the cold symptoms, but I think they are both feeling a little better. Hopefully that means I’ll feel better in a day or two. Today is not so great because Eleanor is at home with me. And has been harassing me all morning, “Momma, Mommmmmaaaaaa…mommy, mommy, mommyeee!” I’ll be glad to get to rest tomorrow when she is in daycare. But today is going to be rough.


  1. Jenny Gross 

    Take Vitamin C or a multivitamin. LOTS of water/fluids. Tylenol for the aches. The cold water will help your sore throat and make the cold take its course quicker. Feel better!

  2. Julie 

    Hi Maggie, I hope you all feel better soon. When Andrew started Kindergarden the same thing happened to us. We were sick the first half of the year it seems.
    But it got better.

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