Fabulous Friday: Hello, Fall Cardigans!

Posted by: Maggie

I was so excited to get two new fall cardigans from Ann Taylor Loft last week, and they were on a really great sale so I got them for a very reasonable price. I just love a good cardigan. So lovely, and feminine and versatile. They look great belted on top of a collared blouse with a pencil skirt for the office and even better with just a camisole and a pair of jeans for the weekend.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I don’t have a tripod so I couldn’t get any good shots myself. I had to wait until Josh was home in the evening and the lighting in our apartment just sucks for taking pictures. But I think you get the point–two cute new cardigans. And I look fairly skinny in them which is always a plus. I love that they are v-neck too. Those large chested women out there know how essential a v-neck is in a sweater to keep you from looking big and boxy and uniboobed.

Here are a few more cardigans that I’ve been coveting, but can’t possibly ever afford (especially the amazing Marc Jacobs with that fantastic plaid ruffle detail, uggh, love it too much):

Starting top left going clockwise: Banana Republic’s Extrafine Merino Ruffle Cardigan $79.50; Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Maxine Cardigan @ Nordstrom $328; J. Crew’s Cashmere École Colorblock Cardigan $168; The Gap’s Striped Cardi $49.50

p.s. Alek Wek (in the banana republic cardigan) is my favorite model EVER! She’s so gorgeous and has the longest legs in the history of long legs. Just look at this picture here. Her legs make my legs look like deformed stumps. She looks like she could outrun a car with those long legs. I can barely outrun Eleanor with my stumps.


  1. I realize that I should have told everyone what is up with the tongue picture. Josh and I were just goofing around and it turned out to be the best shot of that cardigan. Josh likes to make fun of my unusually long tongue. I mean, it’s pretty long, but I’m no Gene Simmons.

  2. Julie 

    The first thing I noticed in the picture was your tongue. How long it is!! You look cute in the cardigans. I really like Ann Taylor Loft. They have some cute clothes and great sales.
    I would like to have long,skinny legs.

  3. Josh 

    I like your stumps.

  4. Megan 

    HOT DAMN!! Your hair is ADORABLE!!!

  5. Love the new cardigans, and can’t wait until post-pregnancy so I can buy some normal clothes again, too! (and your tongue IS long!)

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