Fabulous Friday: The Boyfriend T-Shirt

Posted by: Maggie

My very favorite thing to wear lounging around the house is Josh’s old UCLA t-shirt. He’s had it since his freshman year of college, ten years ago. I think I’ve been wearing it since we started dating six years ago. It officially became mine when it became so torn up that he could no longer wear it out of the house.

Josh makes fun of me for wearing it, because it is so torn up, it’s barely a shirt anymore.

But I love it. The fabric is so thin and soft that, despite the holes,  it really is the most comfortable thing I own.

Does everybody have a great comfy boyfriend t-shirt? If not, you should think twice before you throw away your husband or boyfriends old torn up shirts, because, super, super comfy.


  1. Josh 

    10 years ago? Damn, getting old..

  2. Does it have a flocked blue logo? I have one from my dad, I love it and I’ve been trying to find a replica…

  3. josefina 

    hi! can you tell what fabric is it???

  4. rudi 

    I love these old almost trashed and completely worn up t shirts. They are so smooth, so soft, so wonderful comfortable to wear. I’ve got quite a few of them. …of course only for wearing them at home… my girlfriend doesn’t really like them but accepts them. Allthough she has made a few attempts to throw away the one or other of my how she calls them ‘rags’. But till now I could always rescue them… They are much to nice to put them into the bin!!!!!!

  5. rudi 

    I just saw that your post is already five years old! Does the t shirt still exist? I suppose not…. ????

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