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Posted by: Maggie

A few months ago, my fabulous photographer friend Amy took some photos of me so that I could have a great headshot for my bio on my firm’s website. I love, love, love these photos! It’s so nice to have good pictures of myself. And I had so much fun with Amy! She really is a good friend and such a talented photographer. I can’t wait to lose 15 lbs and do another photoshoot with her. We’ve been talking about doing a boudoir photo shoot! So hot! But I definitely need to lose the weight before I do it.

Here are my absolute favorites from the shoot:

I love that first shot, because that is my real actual not just for pictures smile. This is the smile that gets the compliments. I actually get compliments on my smile, usually from old men. Isn’t that nice? I think it’s because it takes up my whole face and looks really genuine. I mean it is genuine. I’m a smiley kinda person. But I’m not as great with giving a genuine picture smile. I’m not so comfortable in front of the camera. So, I don’t know what Amy was saying, but it must have been funny, because there it is. The real smile. You can tell because you can’t see my eyes. I get super squinty when I smile because of my round face and my big cheeks. So when I make my picture smile I try to make sure to open my eyes as wide as I can.

I love the gorgeous glowy light in this one. The smile is good, still pretty genuine and I kept my eyes mostly open, only a little squinty.

This is the one we used for the firm website, but in black & white. Total picture smile, with big wide open eyes and everything. Looks a little fake and crazed if you know me, but I think if you don’t I just look nice and you can actually see my eyes.

The wind in the hair! Love it! The wind was perfect that day!

So the last ones were mostly for fun and just to have some fabulous pictures of me. I beyond love them!

The next two are my absolute favorites.

I can’t tell if I like the color or black & white one better. I mean the black and white is so dramatic, the light and contrast are just perfect, but the color with the goldeny sunset light in my blonde hair and then there’s the eyes. I mean, can you ever get enough of those blue eyes of mine?!

And this last one Amy says is for the cover of my non-existent country album.

Thank you again Amy! I know I say it all the time, but you really are the best! You really know how to make a girl look and feel absolutely beautiful!

p.s. Amy is in Italy right now!! Shooting what I know will be an incredibly gorgeous wedding! Super jealous! You all should follow her personal blog and professional blog for the pictures which I’m sure will start appearing in the next few weeks.


  1. Jenny Gross 

    I like the last 2 black and whites too, they say confident, sexy, professional, strong, ready to take on the world, and I’m pretty and I know it all in one. Its mostly in the eyes ! But they all nice…

  2. My God, you are photogenic! Beautiful pics. I also wanted to ask you – what kind of camera do you use?

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