Monthly Archives: November 2009

A Visit From Brian

Posted by: Maggie

Brian came out from Philadelphia to visit us last weekend. As I mentioned on Friday, Brian is Josh’s best friend and was his best man at our wedding. Brian is our funniest, smartest, most interesting, and tallest friend. He’s like 6′3″ I think. Super, super tall. It’s impossible for me to give him a proper [...]

Wordless Wednesday: November Header Photo Shoot

Posted by: Maggie

The Croup!

Posted by: Maggie

Sorry for the serious delay in posting.  I’m just not feeling the blogging thing this week, but I’m going to power through it. So, here is the post I promised!
The weekend before last Eleanor started feeling a little sick. On Sunday she woke up with a terrible barky cough. You know, like a seal. She [...]

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