Thankful for…

Posted by: Maggie

This person:

My beautiful, brilliant little girl. Yes, that is a rock going into her mouth.

This person:

My handsome, amazing husband.

These people:

My hilarious little brothers.

These two:

My big sister and her husband.


My Mom & Step-dad Tommy, or Go Go & Tommy to Eleanor.

These two:

My Dad & Step-Mom Leila, Grandma La La & Grandpa to Eleanor.

And these two:

Josh’s Dad and his girlfriend, Grandpa Gross & Raisa.

Also these people:

Josh’s sister Beth and her wife Jenny, Aunt Jenny & Beth.

And I can’t forget these two:

My two very best friends in the whole world, without whom I would have no one to tell my most horrible embarrassing secrets to and who I know will always love me no matter what. And their spouses, Justin & Amy too, who make my friends better versions of themselves.

And this one:

Josh’s very best friend, who is always there to love and support us, recommend great books, and tell us hilarious stories about internet dating and chicken wings in the streets of Philadelphia.

And for all our family and friends not pictured here, new and old. You make our lives better for knowing you. And I am truly thankful for you today and every day. You make our lives worth living.

We love you all!


  1. In case you didn’t notice you can see everyone’s name if you hover your mouse over their picture.

  2. Oh and the pictures of my brothers, sister, and parents are all from a photo shoot we did with Teegan Photography last year:

  3. Cathey Truberg 

    What a wonderful idea….this is just beautiful and it was great to meet your family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving! Give that beautiful baby girl a hug for us! xoxoxoxox Cathey and Enn

  4. Beautiful post Maggie! I am thankful for meeting you and looking forward to hanging out again soon – yes I was a fellow rocker in high school too! Tee hee!

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