Thanksgiving Part One: Breakfast!

Posted by: Maggie

So, I’m sorry about last week, but I’m back and we have a full week of posts ready to go for this week!  And actually, I split up my Thanksgiving photos into four posts, but I don’t want to drag a single holiday through this entire week, so I’ll be double posting today and tomorrow. This should make up for the lack of posts last week, right? Seven whole posts in five days! Pretty exciting stuff! On to Thanksgiving:

We started out Thanksgiving with Josh making a very special holiday bagel run!

Eleanor got a pumpkin bagel.

Josh got some sort of cheese bagel with herby cream cheese. It was really good.

I had an egg bagel with pumpkin cream cheese, delicious, but a little too sweet.

I also had some chai tea and topped it off with whipped cream because we had it in the fridge and we never have whipped cream in the fridge. Oh, and that’s my “I Survived Andrew & Amy’s Wedding” mug, super cute wedding favor right? It may be the only wedding favor that I have ever kept and used. Thanks guys!

We found A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on YouTube to watch while we had breakfast. Eleanor loved it! Which was a surprise to me since she had no real interest in It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. She has been asking to watch “Carly Bown” ever since.

Breakfast was followed by some hanging around the house in our pajamas and then a nap for Eleanor and off to my dad’s for an early afternoon dinner.

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  1. I love how you can turn a cheesy bagel with cream cheese into a cool photo! We are in the hardcore research process for our DSLR and I will soon hope to take interesting photos of food, just like you. PS- how are you liking your Rebel?

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