Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Dinner at GoGo’s

Posted by: Maggie

After Eleanor’s afternoon nap, a very late afternoon nap (remember we had slept in until 10am on Christmas morning), we headed over to GoGo’s house for Christmas dinner and more presents. Now, the problem with GoGo’s house is that, at night, it’s pretty dimly lit. Which is nice mood lighting for a dinner party and [...]

Christmas Morning

Posted by: Maggie

Christmas morning we all slept in super late. And I mean super late. I think we got up around 10am. The last time I slept that late was…I don’t even remember ever sleeping that late. Ever. Okay, not ever, but definitely not since before Eleanor was born, and probably not since before law school. So [...]

Christmas Eve 2009

Posted by: Maggie

As I mentioned last week, I was sick with the flu. Not fun. I started feeling better on Christmas Eve, but Josh was just starting to feel sick. So, we decided to skip the festivities with my extended family. Neither of us was feeling up to chatting with everyone while watching Eleanor, and I didn’t [...]

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