Christmas Dinner at GoGo’s

Posted by: Maggie

After Eleanor’s afternoon nap, a very late afternoon nap (remember we had slept in until 10am on Christmas morning), we headed over to GoGo’s house for Christmas dinner and more presents. Now, the problem with GoGo’s house is that, at night, it’s pretty dimly lit. Which is nice mood lighting for a dinner party and especially for a holiday party, but does not make for good photography. At least not with my current camera lens. You can see a sample of what a shot sans flash looks like below. Not so good! So I rarely get any good photos at family events at GoGo’s house. That is, until now!

Enter my Christmas gift from GoGo!

A brand new 50mm lens! And let there be light!

Or at least a lens that is capable of capturing the available light! A very very merry Christmas to me! Thanks Mommy! I love you! Best present ever! I mean aside from the camera itself!

So now I can take all sorts of pictures at GoGo’s house. Like the family playing some weird board game.

Look at how nice and shallow that depth of field is when I’m shooting with a wide open 1.8! Oh so nice!

My Brother In-Law Christian


Elliott and his Girlfriend Lilly

And I can take lovely shots of my beautiful little girl!

Notice the hand moving in quick to both stop her from drinking any drop of the alcoholic punch that had been in that glass and to stop her from smashing the glass on the floor.

And the photos of candles! Oh my goodness the candles!

So pretty! And the absolutely gorgeous dinner table my mother set!

I just can’t get enough of these votive holders!

Oh my goodness with that crazy gorgeous shallow depth of field. It looks like I could just take this photo and smear it on a french baguette and eat it up like some delicious triple creme brie! Oh, it is just so creamy! Wow, now I’m super hungry! Somebody get me some cheese!

And the food and drink photos I can take!

Okay, so I didn’t take enough food photos, but I was super hungry. Since I was getting over the flu, I had barely eaten anything all week.

The Family at Dinner

Emmett and GoGo

Emmett and William (doesn’t he look amazed at that steaming plate of carrots Emmett is holding)


Maria (or MoMo to Eleanor)

Do you see that face Christian (far right) is giving Eleanor? Ha! She was probably making a mess with her dinner.

After Dinner we moved on to presents!

By the way, have you noticed how good looking my husband is? Well, back off ladies! He’s taken! And you’d have to fight Eleanor for his attention anyway, and really that is just not a fight any of us can win!

I’m not so bad looking myself. Even with that uncomfortable “take the picture already” look on my face. Also, even though I badly need my hair cut, as I can barely see through my bangs (don’t worry I have an appointment with Stacy today!)

And we make a damn fine looking baby, who already poses like a model! What great instincts! And, I know, she needs a trim too!

And that was Christmas! Don’t forget you have until midnight tonight PST to enter our big giveaway, click this link to read about the prize and how to enter! Good luck everyone! I can’t wait to pick a winner!


  1. yup. No need to buy a new camera when you can just buy a new lens! love it …

  2. love your photos!!! Happy New Year, Keegan Gross Family. Hope you have a fun NYE… we are having a crazy party for three.

  3. …. PS- we are making your awesome tortilla soup for our NYE dinner. Love it.

  4. Great pictures, just makes me despise when I see pictures taken with a flash….you miss all that great mood lighting.

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