Christmas Eve 2009

Posted by: Maggie

As I mentioned last week, I was sick with the flu. Not fun. I started feeling better on Christmas Eve, but Josh was just starting to feel sick. So, we decided to skip the festivities with my extended family. Neither of us was feeling up to chatting with everyone while watching Eleanor, and I didn’t want us to get all of my cousin’s little ones sick. My dad was hosting this year, so we waited until the extended family had left and headed over to his place for Christmas Eve gifts with the family. Since my parents are divorced we do Christmas Eve with my Dad, Christmas Morning at home, and Christmas dinner with my mom. It works out that Josh’s family is Jewish, I don’t think I could handle any more Christmas events.

Eleanor wore her lovely holiday dress and headband that my friend Megan bought her for her birthday. You may remember it from our Hanukkah post. We threw on some white tights to keep her warm and I found some matching sparkly shoes at Target, which we gave her as a Hanukkah gift. I hope you approve Megan!

You’ll notice that Eleanor went straight for the plate of cookies. She proceeded to lick the icing off of several and then run around like a crazy person. Neither Josh nor I had the energy to stop her. And, whatever, it’s Christmas, she can have sweets at Christmas. We’re not monsters, after all. At least not at Christmas.

And that was Christmas Eve. Pretty relaxed. You can tell by the way, my brother Emmett is lying on the floor. Super relaxed!

Tomorrow we’ll skip the usual Wordless Wednesday and have some words along with photos of Christmas morning!

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  1. megan 

    Eleanor = perfection in silver! I love the glitter slippers!! Perfect!

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