Christmas Morning

Posted by: Maggie

Christmas morning we all slept in super late. And I mean super late. I think we got up around 10am. The last time I slept that late was…I don’t even remember ever sleeping that late. Ever. Okay, not ever, but definitely not since before Eleanor was born, and probably not since before law school. So I would say that I haven’t slept that late in about 5 years. We were tired and sick, and had been up late for Christmas Eve. And I guess Eleanor was feeling pretty tired and sick too, since she didn’t wake up until we got her up. Crazy!

So we got up late, had a late breakfast, and then got to the presents. Ordinarily we would do presents then breakfast, but we slept so late that we were starving.

On to presents! Some birthday and Christmas presents arrived from Josh’s Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins and his Grandmother a little bit after Eleanor’s birthday, so we decided to just save them all for Christmas since we were only getting her one gift and we had a feeling Santa was only going to bring one gift.

She got a bunch of great clothes. Josh’s family has great taste! She was pretty excited about them. She actually really likes clothes. Clothes and books, just like her Mama!

This is her gift from Mama and Daddy.

We were pretty excited about it. I love this book.

Lastly, Santa put a gift in Eleanor’s stocking.

An awesome sleigh bell rattle. She loves it! Thanks Santa!

Santa always brings a gift that looks like it could be made by elves in Santa’s workshop. That’s what Santa has always done for my family. We always thought it was odd that other people got video games and things from Santa, since we didn’t know that Santa’s elves worked for Nintendo.

And that was Christmas morning! Merry Christmas everyone!

Up tomorrow will be Christmas dinner at Go Gos!

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  1. Angela 

    Ok…so I am betraying my lovely nieces for this and may have my ‘Aunt’ title revoked…but your little girl is seriously the most beautiful child I have ever seen.



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