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Eleanor’s Birthday Part Two: The Party!

Posted by: Maggie

Last Saturday was the party! Eleanor’s big Second Birthday party! Well, it was actually a very small second birthday party. I’m usually a big party planner, that actually would be my dream job, but I’m just not feeling it lately. Life is just a little too stressful and hectic lately to deal with big party [...]

Eleanor’s Birthday Part One: Preparations

Posted by: Maggie

Sorry that I was missing last week. I was busy with new clients at work, a bunch of other events, and was exhausted from the prior week’s excitement.
Here’s what you missed: Eleanor turned two last Monday! Yay! We had a small party at my mom’s house for her on the Saturday before her birthday. The [...]

Fabulous Friday: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Posted by: Maggie

There is nothing more beautifully Christmasy than A Charlie Brown Christmas, but not even just the movie. The movie is fantastic and funny and clever and heartwarming, and all of that stuff you want a good Christmas movie to be, but that isn’t even why it’s so great.

It’s the soundtrack! Vince Guaraldi is some sort [...]

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